Can you tell us about your job at Calypse?

I am a Clinical Project Manager, I am responsible for managing full-package interventional and observational studies internally for our laboratory or biotech clients. I manage several ARCs and coordinate their activities. I am also involved in customer prospecting. Indeed, the added value of Calypse is that prospecting is not done by a salesperson but by a clinical operational person. The exchange is thus more relevant for our customers.

Tell us about your job!

I am biochemist by training, I worked on metastatic breast cancer and had the opportunity to publish an article in the journal Cancer Research. It was therefore quite natural that I turned my career towards clinical research. I completed my ARC training and joined a CRO. I managed several interventional and observational studies from phases I to IV. I evolved as an ARC coordinator then as a Project Manager. It’s been 2 years now since I joined the CRO of Calypse and I don’t regret it.

What is your philosophy of life?

Be whole and give everything

What do you like best about your job?

It is very rewarding to see the results of the clinical studies we achieve published. Our customer satisfaction turns into long-term loyalty that I appreciate. What I prefer most in my “daily professional life” is the working atmosphere with my colleagues at Calypse.

Your guilty pleasure?

Crazy about my son